3 Keys to Lab and Medical Deliveries

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A Specimen’s Journey from the Patient to the Lab.

Every day, clinics and doctor’s offices collect crucial specimens from patients looking for answers to potential health issues. Those specimens have to safely travel to a lab where they can be processed and the answers revealed.

The journey from point A to point B is vital to helping patients get the right answers to determine treatment, so when you’re looking for the right courier to transport critical specimens for your patients, look for a provider who provides these options:

1. Temperature-controlled equipment
Even if you already have specific lab and specimen carrying cases, having an extra layer of protection is good. Does your courier provider offer outer cases that are temperature-controlled and have the proper amount of space to protect and support specimens?

2. Drivers who “Handle With Care”
Transporting delicate specimens requires someone who understands that getting these items to the lab isn’t enough. They have to arrive successfully and intact. If they arrive damaged or spoiled, they are useless, meaning another specimen must be collected from the patient.

3. A delivery schedule that follows the life span of the specimen
Is the courier able to run a schedule within the time frame needed? You want to be sure specimens are picked up from the clinic or doctor’s office and delivered to the lab in a timely manner to maintain the life of the specimen and avoid spoilage. The less time it sits in a carrying case, the best chance it has to provide the information needed to help the patient.

Express Courier understands the importance of successful delivery for critical specimens. We provide vetted drivers, the ability to track your deliveries and customized delivery options. Find out more.

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