Driver FAQs

Below are common questions and answers about driving for Express Courier and what it means to be an independent contractor.

What should I consider before applying to be an independent delivery driver for ECI?
Be ready to invest in yourself.
You’ll need your own vehicle, whether it’s a car, minivan, pickup truck, cargo van or box truck. Your vehicle should be in good working order. You will be required to carry OAI/Cargo insurance and cover our monthly delivery tracking app fee. Consider these as costs of doing business. You will not be considered an employee of ECI, but will be paid to make deliveries as an independent contractor.

What is an independent contractor?
Here’s what the IRS says.
“The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. If you are an independent contractor, then you are self-employed.”

How much can I expect to get paid per week?
Your earnings will depend on many factors including the type of vehicle you have, the number of deliveries you make per week, the type of deliveries you make, whether they are local versus out-of-town deliveries and more. It all depends on how often and how much you deliver.

How will I get paid?
You will receive a Fintwist Paycard, which offers immediate access to your wages and a digital tool to help manage your money. We’ll pay you each week based on the deliveries you made. You can easily transfer money from the Paycard to your preferred financial institution.

What costs I’m responsible for?
As an independent delivery driver you’ll need to cover your own vehicle costs, including fuel. You will also be required to have auto liability insurance, along with OAI (Occupational Accident Insurance) and cargo insurance which is covered under a policy with ECI and taken out of your settlement each week as a deduction. A monthly fee for our delivery/tracking app and administrative fees are also taken out as deductions. You will also need to purchase an Express Courier shirt and/or vest. These items can be purchased from ECI at wholesale rates.

Is it possible to have a set schedule each week?
Yes, we have scheduled routes that run weekdays, evenings and weekends. You can choose from what is available based on customer needs. There is always a need for on-demand deliveries, which can come in any time. These deliveries typically pay more. Your schedule can be flexible, but we’ll need to you make a minimum number of deliveries to stay on our roster.

Am I required to wear a uniform?
Uniform requirements are based on the customer’s requirements. All delivery drivers must wear a photo ID, ECI badge while delivering. Drivers typically wear an ECI shirt, hat and/or safety vest as well. These items can be purchased from ECI at wholesale rates.

What if I’ve had a recent accident or ticket, can I still drive for ECI?
Yes, depending on the violation. We’ll look at your driving record and take all incidents on a case-by-case basis.

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