E-comm Trends for 2022

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More than half (51%) of retail revenue is coming from online sales. Whether you had to abruptly move into the e-commerce world during the pandemic or have been part of it for a while, make sure your business plan includes steps to build and maintain a strong online presence. Here’s a look at five e-comm trends for 2022.

Enjoy the benefit of D2C Sales.
With the reshaping of e-commerce during the pandemic, many intermediaries or middlemen were suddenly moved out of the way, positioning manufacturers to sell directly to their customers. This “direct to consumer” benefit will allow you to interact with and market directly to the people purchasing your products and services. While many companies still use sellers like Amazon or other retail sites, adding a sales portal to your site and shipping directly from your warehouse to the customer’s door can boost your profits.  

Build out your social media.
Among retailers who sell online, 74% say they sell on a social site, according to the payment company Square. Retail experts predict a steady rise in purchases that originate from social media platforms. Out of those consumers who’ve recently made retail purchases online, 59% made a purchase on social media. Having active, targeted social pages are crucial to the life and sales of your business. They create an impactful platform for selling, not only your products or services, but you as a company.

As you build your social pages, view them through the eyes of your customers and keep in mind what they’re viewing. Be sure photos are clear and focused on the product, service, or ideas you want to portray. Incorporate videos such as product demos, ads or a short, upbeat message about who you are. Social media is all about connecting with consumers.

Include sustainable thinking in your business plan.
Americans are growing increasingly dedicated to sustainable brands, particularly those under 30. In the past five years, monthly search queries for “sustainability” have skyrocketed, according to SEMrush, an online visibility management and content marketing platform. In the US alone, search volume rose from 49.5k in the month of December 2016 to 135k in the month of November 2021.

Just a few sustainable ideas include using sustainable products and packaging, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” making energy-efficient upgrades to your brick-and-mortar store, and using less paper by continuing (or starting) to use digital files or QR codes even post-pandemic as menus and product descriptions.

Start considering including Crypto as a currency.
Cryptocurrencies are gaining traction as a mainstream currency. While many people still question the validity of these digital coins, they are being adopted quickly and have already been used for several years by companies including Paypal and Visa. As these technologies become more and more mainstream, any company participating in e-commerce will have to get familiar with cryptocurrency technology and blockchains in order to stay ahead of the curve. Figure out if your company could accept crypto and how you’d share that with consumers.

Stay on top of the delivery revolution.
Home delivery continues to evolve and, after spiking to an all-time high, it’s not likely to go back down much. Companies must stay on top of any kinks in their delivery plan and resolve them quickly, always keeping in mind ways to improve them. Younger generations are driving demand for more flexible and faster delivery times and companies are having to meet this demand to succeed. Using just one delivery company just isn’t efficient, and frankly, can be risky. That’s why you should consider supplementing your shipping with regional carriers, who offer faster, more flexible service in smaller areas.

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