3 Things Ecomm Customers Want From Your Store

Man in store typing on computer near a stack of boxes.

Your customer has visited your site and has found the item they want to purchase, so it’s a confirmed sale, right? Not necessarily. There’s plenty of competition to buy this item in most cases, so make sure your customer clicks “Order” on your site by offering these options:

1. Opportunities to qualify for free shipping.
According to Small Business Trends, 66% of consumers expect free shipping on every online purchase and 80% expect free shipping when ordering a certain dollar amount on online products. In fact, a majority of consumers would increase the value of their order so they can qualify for free and/or expedited shipping. Free shipping can make or break a sale.

If you can’t offer free shipping across the board, try offering it on a minimum order amount or for certain items or for limited windows of time.

2. Special deals to keep them from having to shop somewhere else
While most retailers maintain a good balance of competitive pricing within their product industry, special deals such as coupon codes, holiday sales and other incentives can seal the deal between you and your customers.

Get creative with incentives. Make sure they’re easy to see on your site, throughout the shopping process and at the check-out stage.

3. Easy, free shipping on returns.
Having a hassle-free return policy provides peace of mind for customers even if they never need to return an item, because it’s available for “what if”. Make your return policy easy to find on your site and make sure the process is easy to follow.

It’s no secret consumers want and expect free shipping and free shipping returns, and statistics show that if a customer has to pay to return a product, they’re less likely to shop with that business in the future. If free shipping on returns isn’t an option for all returns, try to at least offer options such as excluding certain circumstances or only offering it on exchanged items.

Providing the best experience for your customers will keep them happy and your bottom line profitable. And if you’re looking for a shipping partner to help keep your customers happy, contact us for a FREE QUOTE today.



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