Express Courier CEO Talks Regional Carriers on “WHAT THE TRUCK” Webcast

Businesses across the country are searching for customized logistics solutions to get products to their customers faster and more affordably. The shop-from-home trend continues to grow and big shippers like UPS and FedEx are not the only options when it comes to delivery.

Express Courier CEO Terry Douglas recently appeared on Freightwave’s “What The Truck” webcast and shared the value regional carriers bring to businesses, especially during peak shipping seasons. Douglas explained how Express Courier seemlessly integrates with retailers, offering them another shipping channel in the southeast. The company proves its capabilities through test phases, then builds confidence as businesses shift more deliveries away from the larger national carriers. With regional carriers, like Express Courier, customers receive more focused attention.

“If you’ve got an issue you can pick up the phone and call the CEO of Express Courier,” Douglas said. “There’s kind of a personal touch feeling to us. People wouldn’t be shifting to regional carriers if there wasn’t a need for it. They’re disappointed in the service they are getting, and we’re here to help.”

He also talked about some of the challenges logistics companies are facing, including labor shortages, and how Express Courier has been able to maintain high service standards as the demand for carriers continues to rise.

“We’re really a custom logistics company,” Douglas explained, “We can provide the same level of service as UPS and FedEx, or better in some cases, but we don’t have the same footprint. The reason I like to think of us as a custom logistics company is that we’re motivated to understand where your problem spots are and then we can come up with innovative solutions to solve that for you and make your life easier and add value.”

Watch the entire episode of “What The Truck,” or scroll to the 19-minute mark to find the beginning of Express Courier’s segment. (When you get to the page scroll down to the large video player under the list of shows.)

Express Courier provides a range of logistics solutions across eight southeastern states, including final mile delivery, scheduled courier service, on-demand deliveries, warehousing and parcel tracking.


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