Express Solutions: Distribution Strategy Created to Meet New Banking Guidelines

Case Study:

When the Federal Reserve mandated new banking guidelines, a large and diversified banking business turned to Express Courier for an innovative distribution strategy that assured compliance while improving on-time delivery and lowering costs.

The Challenge

New government requirements regarding electronic check clearing eliminated physical handling of much banking proof work and dramatically reduced the number of Federal Reserve sites. Yet banks still had physical distribution needs for cash letters, contracts, loan agreements and other documents, as well as some remaining proof work. A revamped logistics strategy was essential to operate in the new environment and still keep distribution costs under control.

Express Solution

Express Courier proposed new logistics models for the movement of proof work, hard copy documents that could not be exchanged electronically, and internal mail among banks in the system. This logistics solution incorporated flight schedules, LTL carriers and multiple state line-haul lanes into an integrated distribution capability.
In some cases, Express Courier actually served as a “clearinghouse” for banks where pickups and deliveries were already occurring, so that no dedicated courier was necessary for cash letter exchange between them.


The banking system was able to operate efficiently in the new environment created by evolving federal requirements:
• Logistics costs dropped by 18% through route optimization.
• On-time delivery with fewer touchpoints occurred at banks across Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas.
• The banking system was in complete compliance with the new Federal Reserve guidelines.

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