Express Solutions: Healthcare Courier Service for Baptist Memorial

Baptist Memorial Health Care is regarded as one of the premier healthcare systems in the country. Known for an award-winning network of dedicated and compassionate care providers, this not-for-profit network includes 22 hospitals, 13 cancer centers and a collection of clinics across Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Baptist offers a full continuum of care, contracting with more than 5,000 physicians.

Express Courier is a proud partner of Baptist Memorial, providing system-wide transportation and delivery of lab work, medical equipment, and other items. Express Courier optimizes logistics between hospitals and clinics, ensuring patient samples are handled properly and delivered on time. Thousands of patients put their trust in Baptist Memorial and the healthcare network trusts Express to deliver.

“Express has always been very timely and reliable,” said Roger Holmes, director of contract logistics at Baptist Memorial Health Care. “Their drivers hit their routes when they are supposed to. We’ve never had any complaints.”

Flexible Delivery Options

Baptist Memorial utilizes Express Courier drivers not only for scheduled pickups and drop-offs but also for on-demand deliveries that need to occur within a few hours. Express provides the healthcare network with the flexibility of having their own fleet, but without all the costs, liability and time management that comes with maintaining in-house drivers. Baptist also gets visibility into their deliveries, with driver tracking and delivery confirmations. Outsourcing their fleet continues to pay off.

“We have occasionally contacted other courier companies and looked at doing deliveries ourselves, but Express always comes out on top,” Holmes said.

Express Courier drivers are trained to follow hospital protocols and HIPPA laws. They function as part of the hospital system team, taking ownership of their routes and accountability for every delivery they make. Express offers chain-of-custody tracking, temperature-controlled transport and secure storage of confidential patient information.

See what Express Courier can do for your healthcare network. Explore our medical logistics page.

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