Logistics: Adapting to a New World of Delivery

Every transportation and logistics worker from the corporate office to the warehouse to the small vehicle or cargo van driver, has moved through a period of disruption and change over the past two years unlike any the industry has seen before.

Yet through all of the unrest, logistics providers have, in most cases, delivered and grown like never before. Along the way, they’ve discovered new ways to provide their services and price them to compete in a new market, while maintaining the changing needs of customers.

Thanks to the pandemic, the supply chain is no longer an invisible, behind-the-scenes industry. Every function has been affected. Industry professionals are having to re-evaluate how they approach the business and evaluate their risks, how to keep costs low while paying higher costs for materials and overhead. This new market has changed how they compete to attract new customers and entice employees.

With all of these changes, there are basic considerations leaders in the supply chain industry, or any industry, can do to keep things moving in the right direction.

Take a critical look at your operations across the board.
Identify practices that add cost or reduce efficiency in your operations model and then work to eliminate or tweak them. Are there services that have become cost-prohibitive that could be eliminated? Is there waste in your budget that could be eliminated or reduced?

Take care of your workers.
Success includes a strong workforce culture. Hire skilled, qualified workers and retain them by taking care of them through salary and benefits packages and providing the tools and support needed to do their job successfully.

Take care of your customers.
Take care of your customer base in order to maintain low turnover of that base and attract new customers. Start by offering value in price for customers who are already seeing the ripple effect from inflation and then continue by providing strong customer service and support.

Maintain a track record of growth and success.
In the end, be in the business of solving a problem for your customer and do it well. Do this by operating a strong business model, delivering measurable value and making a profit.

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