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We will work closely with you to devise customized solutions and route optimization that will help your business improve customer service and decrease costs.

Express Courier has the resources, expertise and corporate structure to be your complete logistics partner. We understand your customers’ needs and challenges and the importance of your supply chain in service and satisfaction. Our local teams and drivers build relationships with you – and with your customers – to ensure our service is meeting your needs and expectations.

Using our proven Launch 180™ Implementation Plan, we are able to demonstrate our ability to deliver the operational know-how and managerial experience needed through thousands of successful implementations. Through Launch 180™, we will customize a plan to fit your specific requirements, communicate with you each step of the way and confirm your satisfaction. Launch 180™ is based upon eight implementation phases where we eliminate risks in your supply chain and make all of your shipments with us worry-free:

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Launch 180™ Implementation Plan

  1. Supply Chain Requirements Confirmed: pick-up, delivery and handling instructions are verified.
  2. Collaborative Plan Design: a customized implementation plan is created which identifies key action steps, timelines and responsibilities.
  3. Resource Investment: our personnel, facilities and technology are deployed for your program.
  4. Integration: our processes, policies and systems are aligned with your needs.
  5. Training the Team: our fleet, staff and management team are trained to meet the requirements of your customized plan.
  6. Test Run: phases 1-5 are verified; systems, processes and people readiness are validated.
  7. Go-Live: the customized plan becomes reality.
  8. Post-Launch Monitoring: all functions and critical performance indicators are monitored and reviewed daily.

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