More Than Customer Service

Customer service lines, in general, have a bad reputation. We’re usually only calling customer service is there’s a problem, and sometimes navigating your way to a solution can be a problem in and of itself. You might spend several minutes working your way through a phone tree or waiting on hold, and if you’re lucky, finally speaking to a real person. Whether that person can solve your real problem is another story.

At Express Courier, we’re working to make the customer service experience an easier one. Our Central Operations team, which handles customer service issues, is located on-site and is part of the company. They have access to delivery information and can provide the latest tracking details and updates on packages. They are directly connected to each of our 26 local branch offices located across the Southeast, as well as our contract drivers and are able to provide the most updated information about a delivery.

During business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST), the team serves as backup to the branch offices. If the local office is unavailable, the call is directed to Central Operations who can help answer questions and check on deliveries.

After hours, the team provides full customer service throughout the evening and overnight, including holidays. With access to orders, they’re able to provide the latest tracking information on packages including delivery details or information on issues that may occur.

Beyond tracking packages, the team processes new orders, responds to customer requests, communicates changes in delivery information between the customer and the drivers and communicates delivery issues that pop up.

In addition to customer service duties, Central Operations also monitors and tracks internal work happening within the company. This includes tracking line haul routes that carry e-commerce packages to various locations throughout our footprint, monitoring essential medical routes that run 24/7, processing on-demand orders for critical parts or medication that is needed quickly, as well as other customer work.

Our team is easy to access and provides 24/7/365 live, yes live, customer service. So if a delivery is needed at midnight on a Wednesday or at 6:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, our Central Operations team is available whenever our customers, and their customers, need a delivery.

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