Job Opportunities to Deliver with Express Courier

If you’ve got a vehicle then you’ve got employment options in today’s job market. These include opportunities to work as a courier or delivery driver, whether you’re carrying packages, people or food. So if you like to drive and want to get paid for it, the opportunities to earn income with your vehicle have never been better.

At Express Courier, most of our drivers are independent contractors. They own and maintain their own vehicles, which could be anything from a small car to a box truck. There are a variety of options to earn money based on the size and type of vehicle you own. Our customers’ delivery needs determine what types of vehicles are needed.

For instance, a medical route may require a small or medium-sized vehicle with room to transport medication, supplies and other small items to patients. An office supply customer might require a cargo van and drivers to run routes to several businesses each day who may need anything from cases of paper, boxes of pens, envelopes and other office supplies. A box truck could be needed as well for larger items such as small printers, paper shredders or an office chair.

Becoming a courier for us starts with a completing an application, followed by a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), background check and drug test. Drivers must also have liability insurance on their vehicle (minimum 100,000/300,000 in bodily injury and 50,000 in property damage). In addition, drivers may be asked to complete TSA certification or other certificates depending on customer needs. Beyond the required steps of the process, driver prospect preferences are connected with current customer needs. So what are the various needs and opportunities with Express Courier?

Scheduled Routes
If you prefer a familiar schedule that includes the same stops, seeing the same customers every day, a scheduled route may be your best fit. Depending on the type, size and number of items being delivered, and the cycle of the route each week, a vehicle, cargo van or box truck may be needed. Scheduled routes can include local deliveries, out-of-town deliveries, or a combination of these. Many drivers run their routes during the work week, but some, such as medical routes, may run in the evening or overnight.

On-Demand Delivery
If you prefer more variety and adventure each day, then on-demand work is likely a good fit for you. It also provides the most schedule flexibility because on-demand deliveries can happen any time, day or night. You may be called to deliver a blood sample to a lab or a critical computer part to a business or an emergency medication to a patient. You could also be asked to deliver important paperwork for a title or law office. On-demand delivery usually only requires a small vehicle, so you can zip around town in the familiarity of your own car.

Line Haul Driver
Being a line haul driver is an important piece of the logistics puzzle at Express Courier. It involves delivering items between our branch locations, currently in 26 southeastern cities. Items on a line haul are brought to a branch where they are sorted and will eventually be delivered to the actual recipient. Most line hauls run in the evening and overnight and can require different types of vehicles from small cars to box trucks and even tractor trailers.

Medical and Special Requirements
Often, customers have specific requirements needed to handle their items. Special access to a building or additional background screening may be required to deliver to certain offices or businesses. A TSA (Transportation Security Administration) certificate may be needed to deliver items to an airport or other facility. Particularly in the medical industry, delivering critical items such as lab work, medication or other medical supplies may require special certification and training, such as HIPAA. Express Courier will walk you through the necessary steps so you’re prepared and ready to go.

Courier work can be fulfilling. It will definitely keep you active and moving. If you’re looking for full-time work or just want extra hours for additional income, there’s an option for you. If you’re a veteran, college student, a working adult or retired senior, courier work can provide flexibility within your current schedule. Find out more and call us today.



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