Overcome Driver Shortages with a “Fleet Fix” from Express Courier

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Out of all the tasks that come with managing your own fleet, finding drivers is often the most challenging. The ongoing “great resignation” that started in 2021 has left many companies struggling for staff. Supply chain experts estimate a national shortage of nearly 250,000 delivery drivers will continue through 2022.

Recruiting drivers takes time and money. Hiring inexperienced drivers can lead to poor performance and safety risks. While companies can invest in diver monitoring technology to decrease such risks, most tracking systems are expensive and require training and technical support.

What if you didn’t need to look for drivers?

Driver Fix
Here’s where Express Courier’s Fleet Fix comes in. Think about the time you’d save if you didn’t need to recruit, screen and train drivers. You’d also enjoy significant cost savings and could say goodbye to much of the stress that comes with staffing. That’s what outsourcing a fleet can bring to your business. You’ll be able to focus more on the things that matter and leave delivery logistics to a company that specializes in courier services.

Driver productivity can be a key challenge when managing an insourced fleet. You’ve got schedules to manage, breaks to work in, idle time to fill. Companies with less than four drivers are often negatively impacted when a driver calls in sick or abruptly quits. When you fix your fleet with Express Courier, we worry about the drivers. We’ll train them to follow your procedures and make sure they arrive to pick-up and drop-off locations on time. Instead of paying driver salaries, you’ll only pay for deliveries made.

Technology Fix
Seven out of 10 companies that manage their own fleets don’t track their deliveries, according to a recent survey. This means they don’t know how long a delivery takes. They don’t know what routes their drivers are taking. They couldn’t say within a range of 45 minutes when a particular package reached its destination. That’s a bad way to run deliveries.

Express Courier offers package tracking, estimated time of arrival, and daily driver logs to see where deliveries are made and how long they take. Regardless of your fleet size, there’s a lot of information to review every day. With a Fleet Fix, Express Courier can provide insightful metrics and real-time data so you gain visibility into your delivery service. Alerts can be customized and set up to track specific events such as package pick-ups and drop-offs. Proof of delivery can be provided for important packages. Delays or problems can be quickly identified.

Beyond a technology fix, Express Courier offers live dispatchers who are available 24 hours a day to help troubleshoot and schedule deliveries. With a network of more than 750 contracted drivers and vehicle types you’ll also gain the flexibility dynamic businesses require. We can accommodate your delivery needs as you need them. For example, let’s say you need a van on Monday, but only a car on Tuesday. Our teams can make sure you have the right vehicles for the job.

What if you didn’t need to worry about scheduling and budgeting for vehicle maintenance? Again, that’s where outsourcing your fleet with Express Courier is the fix.

Take a look at our Insourced vs Outsourced Fleet Guide for even more comparative information.

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