Preparing for Peak Shipping Season

While most consumers wait until October to begin shopping for the holidays, retailers must plan for peak shipping months in advance. With more and more people shopping online, the resources to deliver products are becoming increasingly scarce. In fact, many supply chain experts predict that stores will run out of popular items or find it difficult to fulfill customer orders before Christmas.

Alicia LeBeouf, head of industry, retail, superstores & grocery for Facebook, recently wrote an article in AdWeek, which proposes that the roles of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online stores are reversing. Of course, the pandemic drove much of retail shopping from physical to online stores, but even before that, shopping was already trending toward e-commerce. Now, social media is often the new “store,” along-side actual retail websites. Research shows that more people are purchasing directly on social apps as well.

With more people shopping online, it’s important for retailers to make sure their business is set to get products out the door and delivered in time for Christmas. A crucial part of that plan is to have a reliable shipping partner. You need a parcel delivery company with all of these characteristics:

Flexible delivery options
Whether you need on-demand delivery and/or a scheduled daily pick-up that then delivers to your customers, Express Courier provides multiple options based on your needs.

User-friendly technology
You may need to place orders multiple times a day and it needs to be quick and easy. And tracking your items should be too. We provide easy online order entry options, along with track & trace technology so you can track your package from pick-up to delivery.

Helpful customer service
If changes arise, you need to talk to someone immediately. Our local staff are available. Plus, we offer 24/7 live customer service so you can talk to someone anytime, day or night.

As you go through the busy peak this year, it’s a good idea to make some mental notes about the obstacles you run into and create a new plan for 2022. If your notes include any shipping gaps that need improvement, reach out to Express Courier. We’ll help customize a plan that will keep your customers merry and bright.

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