Man delivers box to woman in sweater, who signs for the package. Man delivers box to woman in sweater, who signs for the package.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

Dynamic, Dependable Final-Mile Delivery and
Logistics for Your Online Business.

We help ship retail products faster and improve the customer experience. With one of the largest transportation networks in the Southeast, we offer flexible logistics solutions to meet the growing demands of the e-commerce business. With national carriers like FedEx and UPS maxed out, we have the capacity to deliver your orders in two days or less from any of our distribution and sorting locations. Request a quote and see how making Express Courier your Southeast regional carrier can raise your bottom line and put smiles on the faces of your customers.

More than 60% of online shoppers say they’ll never buy from a retailer again after a bad delivery experience. More than half of retail customers expect a refund or deep discount when a shipment is delayed. When it comes to e-commerce, the “final mile” of a delivery plays a huge role in your company’s reputation and whether you’ll get repeat business. That’s why you should partner with Express Courier to deliver your online orders in the Southeast. We’ve helped businesses connect with customers for more than 37 years. We offer the most comprehensive regional carrier service in the Southeast, through a network of 26 branches in eight states. (See our locations.) Trust Express Courier to be your e-commerce solution.

Packages must be no more than 50 pounds and no larger than three cubic feet.

We classify parcels based on size. Packages that are 1.5 cubic feet or less and 15 pounds or less are considered “e-commerce.”

Packages up to 3 cubic feet and 50 pounds are considered “ground.”

Letting us know your typical package dimensions will help us provide an accurate quote. As long as your parcels don’t exceed our maximum dimensions, we can guarantee two-day shipping within 50 miles of any of our branch locations once we receive them. Even if your packages fall outside our preferred dimensions we can still provide flexable solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our parcel specifications and delivery options that work best for your online business.
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Zip Code Coverage

26 branches across the Southeast, with the capacity to
handle 40,000 orders per day

We cover nearly 350 zip codes across eight states in the southeastern United States. Our parcel delivery area includes zip codes within 50 miles of our service facilities (branches), as long as the zip code has a population density greater than 500 people per square mile, or has a total population of at least 40,000. We can deliver parcels to an estimated 11 million people, or more than 40% of the population in the Southeast.

While Memphis is our primary network injection point, we can also receive parcels for distribution in Nashville, Birmingham and Baton Rouge. Once your packages enter our network we can get them to your customers within two days.

Fast Implementation

Through our Launch 180™ implementation program, getting deliveries started is quick and easy. We use an eight-step process to confirm supply chain requirements, design a transportation plan, allocate resources, train our team to meet your requirements, offer test runs and finally go live. We seamlessly integrate with your online ordering platform. Express Courier provides post-launch monitoring to optimize performance and ensure your expectations are met.  

Online Retail Has a Trusted Partner in the Southeast

In business since 1984, Express Courier has created one of the largest distribution networks in the Southeast. We believe it’s the best parcel delivery system in the region. Our network includes distribution centers and drivers across eight states. We take pride in meeting your delivery expectations and have the capacity to handle what the national carriers can’t. Our package tracking systems help ensure your orders get to customers within the promised delivery window. We’ll work directly with you to develop a logistics plan to meet your delivery needs.

In addition to e-commerce deliveries, we also offer immediate, on-demand couriers, scheduled or routed delivery, warehousing and distribution. When you partner with Express Courier you’re choosing a leader in regional logistics who can quickly adapt to serve you best. Trust us to deliver the goods.

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