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Research shows that most consumers prefer to support local businesses when possible. For every $100 spent at a local business nearly $50 is put back into the local economy. That means by shopping local you are pumping your community with cash instead of giving it to some other place. Did you know the same equation applies to shipping?

 As consumers, we’re encouraged to shop locally, but businesses should also consider using local carriers to deliver their products. This helps complete the circle of supporting the local economy and the community as a whole. After all, we live in the same neighborhoods, attend school or church together, play sports together, share the same parks, etc. Local is special. Shopping and shipping local helps everyone because:

The local economy is sustained and able to more easily grow.
When we put money into the local economy, it tends to stay within the local economy, providing an ebb and flow of money that moves within a community helping a local shop to grow, helping provide money for a youth program, helping a worker pay their family’s bills, putting local taxes to work, etc. Local retail provides jobs for neighbors, friends and family.

Local retailers provide a personal connection and a better overall experience.
Store owners have a self-interest in keeping their business strong and making sure it grows. They build relationships with their customers and provide good customer service that creates a better experience for their customers. They learn the needs and wants of their customers and are better able to accommodate them whether it’s adding new, unique products to their shop or offering specific services.

Local business supports local charities.
Small businesses donate more per sales dollar to local nonprofits, service groups, local events and local sports teams compared to national chains. When a business donates to a local charity, it connects them to a group of individuals allowing everyone to celebrate goals and achievements.

Entrepreneurs, skilled artists and workers can more easily promote their products and services.
Individuals with unique abilities and skills add a unique character and have more opportunity to lend their talents and treasures to local shops or share them through their own businesses. This provides product diversity to shoppers.

As a business owner, delivering local goes hand in hand as well and requires a delivery partner who knows the physical area and landscape of the local community. Someone who delivers to local businesses and neighborhoods every day and has developed relationships. We take pride in connecting local businesses to their community customers. Express Courier has 26 branches across the Southeast. Let us deliver locally for you. Call us today. 888-346-1211.

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