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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

We rely on innovative communications and tracking technologies that help us deliver peace-of-mind to you.

Staying in touch with our drivers and with our customers is key in ensuring delivery success. We track and trace your shipments using scanning equipment and communications devices to assure pickup and delivery occurs when needed.

We also use the internet to provide conveniences to our customers with real-time package tracking and electronic invoicing. When unforeseen circumstances occur, such as weather-related delays or traffic obstacles, we rely on communications technology to alert you ahead of time so that you can keep your customers informed.

Express Courier uses these and other technologies to deliver reliable and excellent service:

  • Two-way communication devices and GPS tracking units – helping us track vehicles, stay connected with drivers, know where cargo is at all times and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Computerized order-entry system – providing consistent monitoring of your shipment with tracking, tracing and proof of delivery information always available.
  • Custom, electronic billing – eliminating overcharges and costly invoice auditing processes.
  • Scanned OS&D process – providing accurate reporting of overage, shortage and damaged items. Prevents slow tracking and manual search processes while allowing for earlier accessibility to key information.
  • Systems integration – connecting web services to automate communication between our system and yours for receiving new shipments and providing status updates.

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