What Small Businesses Should Look for in a Courier

Running a small business requires a lot of running around, but you shouldn’t have to do all of the running. Your customers can’t always come to you, so fulfilling your customers’ orders requires a reliable delivery partner who can do the running for you.

There are many options, but not every courier company provides the solutions your business needs. When it comes to regional or local courier provider, there are a few must haves.

Flexible delivery options. Consider your delivery demands. Do you need on-demand delivery options or do you have enough items to schedule a daily pick-up from your business and then deliver to your customers? Your delivery provider should offer multiple options, such as same day delivery, routed schedules, and other options

Simple packaging options. If your item is just going across town, it may require less packaging if it’s traveling in a vehicle to its destination verses if it were being mailed to another state. This can save you money on packing materials as well.

User-friendly technology. Notifying the courier for a pick-up should be easy. Placing your order and tracking it should be too. Be sure your courier provides easy online order entry options, along with track & trace technology so you can track your package from pick-up to delivery.

Helpful customer service. You want to be able to communicate with someone if needed and get a quick response. Talking with someone locally is preferred and 24/7 customer service is ideal.

Express Courier provides all of these options and more for your small business, and we can provide a unique plan for you. Find out more. 901-377-7398.

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