What You Should Require From a Healthcare Delivery Partner

In healthcare, delivering medication, lab work or other medical items requires a commitment to more than the delivery itself. It requires a commitment to patients and an understanding that every delivery has the potential to save a life. Late or lost items can lead to spoiled specimens, delayed procedures or an inaccurate diagnosis. You need a delivery partner who understands the critical, time-sensitive nature of your business. If you’re considering a healthcare courier, make sure they meet these basic requirements.

Equipment to Protect Your Items
Look for a courier committed to maintaining the integrity of the items they’re transporting. They should offer the use of carrying cases to protect temperature-sensitive medication or specimens. A reliable healthcare courier should also keep blood and fluid spill kits on hand and provide secure compartments for confidential patient information. They should be able to explain how they’ll protect your cargo.

Ability to Track Your Deliveries
Being able to follow your items from pickup to drop-off provides transparency during delivery. You should be able to see where your cargo is, when it was picked up and how long it was in transit. Make sure your healthcare courier provides tracking and tracing options to maintain chain of custody from pickup through delivery. Find out about their scanning ability to ensure the capture of each step along the way, along with a time stamp. Ask if a signature photo is available.

Drivers Who are Vetted and Trained Appropriately
Drivers are an extension of their courier company. They’re also a reflection of your brand. They should look professional and wear a photo identification badge. Most delivery companies can require their drivers to wear a specific uniform if your company requires it. Drivers should follow your standard operating procedures, as well as any local, state or federal guidelines.

Find out the basic requirements for drivers. These should include criminal background checks, previous employment verification, citizenship verification, accident reports and drug screens. Ask about the process for medical delivery training including OSHA training and HIPAA compliance, safety training for biohazard processes and biomedical sample handling, and DOT regulations.

Customized Delivery Options
It’s important to understand what your delivery partner can and can’t do. As your business evolves, so will your delivery needs. Ask your healthcare courier if they’ll be able to provide larger vehicles or more drivers when needed. Find out if their drivers’ schedules are flexible and if you can request special on-demand deliveries when required.

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