Where Regional Parcel Carriers Fit in the Future of E-Commerce

E-commerce has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Even before the pandemic, the trend toward online shopping was in an upward climb. In the US alone, 69% of us are online shoppers, according to Review42.com. This year, e-commerce sales worldwide are projected to hit $4.5 trillion, and by 2040, over 95% of all purchases will be made online. In order to stay ahead of this trend, businesses must develop new delivery solutions which include the use of regional parcel carriers.

With limited employees, rising vehicle costs, slow movement of supplies and so many other factors, you often have to work with multiple suppliers, vendors and other partners. The same idea applies to your delivery partner. As you ship more products to your customers, you have to be sure your delivery partners have enough capacity to handle it.

The large shipping companies are feeling capacity pressure and have already begun setting limits in order to ensure delivery. In addition, many have increased their rates. In September, FedEx announced an average increase of 5.9%, while back at the beginning of 2021, UPS increased their rates by an average of 4.9%. If you’re only using the big guys, you’re already paying more and in addition, you could see delivery delays, and that means complaints from your customers. So how do you keep up with delivery demand?

You may have heard the phrase “go big or go home.” Well, if you want to avoid delivery delays, you’ll likely want to change that to “go regional or go home.” In other words, consider a regional shipping partner to expand your capacity and ensure your packages are delivered on time to your customers. What can a regional carrier provide?
Here’s just a few solutions to consider.

  • Better coverage within a smaller geographic area – A regional provider has drivers who know the area well and can navigate more efficiently.
  • Faster delivery times – If a majority of your customers tend to be within a certain geographic area, their items don’t have to travel as far. Having a local provider gets them out faster.
  • Customized shipping options – Whether you need on-demand delivery or scheduled routes, regional carriers can often provide unique options for your specific needs.
  • Money savings – Many times, a regional carrier can provide lower rates, no matter the type of service.

As the e-commerce market grows, your shipping plan has to change to accommodate demand. Let Express Courier create a delivery plan for your business. Call today to find out what we can offer for you – (888) 346-1211.
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